The Lion Whisperer The Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson plays with white lions at a park in South Africa. The lions seem to love him. Add caption Enter your email address: Deliver...

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6:29 PM

Rat Catchers Rat Catchers

In a Mozambican village of Madamaba locals are catching and selling rats on the side of a road. A stick with 6-7 fried rates costs about 30 ...

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5:38 PM

This husband is a FOR HIS WIFE This husband is a FOR HIS WIFE

You can’t find a husband like this | This husband is a gift for his wife | God decides all!! This is True Love Story I ever heard She must b...

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6:09 PM

Rescued from a Chilean mine Rescued from a Chilean mine

Over two months have passed since the August 5th collapse of the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile, when 33 miners were trapped 700 meters (...

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5:34 PM