1. Bangla to english search with phonetic spelling. e.g. amar, baddho, soinno, khomota.
2. It is offline dictionary and doesn't use internet.
3. More than 30,000 words from samsad bangla to english dictionary.
4. More than 18,000 english to bangla words.
5. You can switch between 'bangla to english' and 'english to bangla' by pressing menu B2English or E2Bangla.
6. Bookmark support (add or remove bookmark by touching a word).
7. You can scroll up down by touch. So, even your spelling is wrong, you can find your desired word by scrolling up down.
8. You can switch between normal view and list compact view.
9. Shows bangla in any android handset. It doesn't use unicode.
If you cannot find a word, just scroll up/down by touch. Still, if you don't find your word, then search somarthok bangla word. For example, sorpo or sap.
There are few spelling and meaning errors. It may seem many to you, because you can see lots of words by scrolling.