The Noom Weight Loss Coach is a personalized coach, with daily tasks customized for you to form better habits for healthy living.
Our users lose an average of 10 lbs, in 2 months. Some lose a lot more. Why? It's the most effective weight loss solution for Android thanks to its supportive, encouraging approach. We don't just track your calories and workouts. We coach you. The app provides daily activities, encouragement, and support. Our simple-to-use tools make it easy to log meals and workouts while the integrated pedometer counts your steps all day, every day without killing your battery.

Millions of people worldwide already use Noom to empower their lives through diet and exercise. We know weight loss is hard. Our coach will keep you motivated.

Noom Weight Loss Coach brings you a personalized, interactive weight loss plan that gets real results and keeps the pounds off.

•Personal coaching: unique daily food and exercise articles and tasks
•Maximum effectiveness: 9 out of 10 active users lose weight

•Easy-to-use food logging: track meals in seconds
•Color-coded logging teaches you what's healthy
•Robust food database with nearly one million foods
•Quickly log popular restaurants and local cuisines
•We remember your favorite foods for you, to make logging even faster
•A single-click logbook for tracking workouts, calorie tracking, and weight loss progress
•Beautiful, intuitive design

•Award-winning, battery-friendly pedometer seamlessly integrates with your weight loss program
•Tons of health and wellness articles, delivered daily
•Exercise tracking, both indoor and outdoor
•Noom points and levels to reward you and track your progress
•User support forums to connect with others, ask questions, and share tips
•Motivational home screen widgets to keep you engaged

•Unlock an even larger content library and additional in-app features
•NEW Noom Groups team you up with more Noomers on the weight loss journey
•NEW Curated group design means we'll match you with the right group of Noomers to journey together
•NEW Noom Groups Facilitators guide and support you along the way
•NEW Noom Recipes give you creative ideas for healthy, delicious meals, with detailed instructions and one-click logging

•Featured as one of Dr. Oz's favorite apps. Why? Because like Dr. Oz., Noom Weight Loss Coach is awesome.
•Also featured in New York Times, Women's Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC News, and more

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Here's what our users say:

"I've lost 64 lb in the last 4 months and NOOM is what showed me how to do it. I love u NOOM!"

@EatNutritious "Yess!! I recommend @Noom it helps, motivates, and challenges me. I lost 24 pounds in 6 months :) thank you! Food logging has become one of my favorite things about noom."

"Just wanted to thank you guys bc this app has helped me change my life and has set in motion the drive for me to change other people's lives too. I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate the work you do. It's priceless. Thanks!!! -- Carissa Janay

Margaret Gibson
Through better tracking and motivation, I lost 20 pounds in 21 weeks. I would not have been able to persevere without it.

Jenn Lindsley
I really like this, it keeps me motivated

Sandra Woods
I love this app! The pedometer with mapped walks and the reminders really set it apart from other apps.

Sophia Hessling ‏
Was showing my friend my #fitbit flex and then he popped out his Android and showed me #Noom and said "Bam! I only spent $0"

Wolf Montana
Officially lost my 50th pound today, thanks @noom ! :-D Hubby's lost 40! Your app rocks!
And when I thought that I wont make it after 12 tiring working hours. Thanks @noom for the motivation