Halloween accessories are very useful items that dress-up, or at Halloween dress-down your creepy costume. By adding a wig and a pair of eye accessories, you can really make your costume stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it’s the accessories that really make your costumes clear to others. What is a Vampire without his fangs?

Now, we need you to use your imagination here… come on, concentrate… imagine, if you will, that you are a strange person who does not like fancy dress. Yes, we know, almost impossible… well if you are so very dysfunctional then accessories are perfect for you. You can take any dark outfit you own and Halloween-ify it by adding a few scary bits and bobs.

Seriously though, even if you are a fan of fancy dress then just because it is Halloween you don’t need to look like something that has just been scraped off the slab.

Ladies, start off with your best little black dress, apply your normal make-up but go darker, stronger and a little more dramatic with dark eye make-up then add the items below to take you from glamour girl to wonder witch! Skeleton tights, great quality with a set of bones printed on the front of the leg, next a witch’s hat (this one comes complete with a dangling spider) and finally our broom. The broom is a spellbinding new idea as it comes with a variety of bows that you can attach to bring in a little colour to your outfit, orange, purple, green and black are all included in the package, the choice is yours!

Gents, even less effort for you! Wear a pair of dark trousers and an old shirt (or pop along to Primark and get a cheep white shirt) then add a set of our cut throat 3D FX transfers. These are just like the transfers we used to get when we were kids but these are bigger and the wound is revealed in glorious 3D, adorn both the wound, your neck and the front of the shirt with a little fake blood. Next try a pair of white zombie eye accessories, these are ultra-disturbing, they cover the coloured part of your eye and personally they freak me out (but I’m lead to believe that this is the point of their existence)! Finally, slip into your pocket one of our trick slide-in daggers, hours of mayhem will be yours.